Decorate your garden with its swimming pool and colourful atmosphere.

Published : 2020-04-23 16:44:46
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Here's how to choose the right pool lamp

Choose LED pool spotlights!

With the introduction of LED technology in lighting, colours have become very important. As a rule, almost all swimming pools are equipped with 300 W halogen lamps which are responsible for the lighting of our pool.

An LED pool light does not only illuminate your pool for bathing at nightfall, but can also be used to customize the atmosphere of your pool by enhancing its integration into the landscape. Swimming pool lighting is an important atmospheric element.

By integrating the benefits of LEDs into pool lighting, the same lighting levels have been achieved with lower power consumption.

A touch of colour for our pools

The swimming pool floodlight bulb also exists in RGB version, with which we can provide a much more dynamic lighting with different colours to our swimming pool. This allows us to create different incredible atmospheres at the touch of a button. It can be controlled remotely with its remote control, this allows you to choose the colour easily and to be able to switch off at your convenience.